Service map for immigrants

Helsinki, 2016



A service map commissioned for Jade-projekti - a project that promotes the integration and wellbeing of the ageing immigrants through activities, guidance and the entrenchment of social networks. The map is in Finnish and Somali languages.



A custom-designed service map of Helsinki. The city is divided in 4 zones, according to where most of the services are located. The services are marked with the numbers and pictograms for easier understanding. As the main target group of the map is Somalians, all the symbols were discussed with a somali representative of Jade-projekti. Additionally, the map provides a Finnish translation and important contacts and numbers.



I was given a list of places to put on the map and free hands. My task was to develop a map concept from a scratch. Ideation’s milestones were dividing Helsinki in zones, defining a visual style, and then drawing a custom map and some of the icons. Throughout the whole working process, I was closely in touch with both Finnish and Somali project representatives in order to avoid cultural misunderstanding.