Moi Helsinki–Master's thesis book

Aalto University,



In Autumn 2015 I’ve chosen one of my ongoing projects, Moi Helsinki, to become a topic of my Master’s thesis work at Aalto University School of Arts. A book “Moi Helsinki. Personalised user interface solutions for generative data” (2016) contains Moi Helsinki project description and research I’ve made for it.


The book consists of 3 parts: Introduction, Theory and Design Production. All the parts are connected to the process of Moi Helsinki conceptualising.


As a visual designer, I find it crucial to go ‘behind the surface’ in order to investigate human-centred design processes. When it comes to browsing through unfamiliar information, how to make a user feel comfortable? How to employ a technology to tailor online search in a human-centred way? In my thesis work, I investigate these and other questions. Theoretical background supports my design decisions for Moi Helsinki, and helps to create thoughtful UI and UX.